October 2017

Newsletter 37 SEE MORE

Editorial: We have moved into fourth-quarter 2017. The year so far has been characterized by major uncertainty in the international political arena as well as by large-scale natural disasters that also threaten the global economy. Despite everything, Mexico has remained relatively stable and has to this point managed to temper those circumstances’ adverse effects.
May 2014

Newsletter 36 SEE MORE

Editorial: The first quarter of 2014 has just ended and the initial effects of the recent tax reform, in force as of this past January 1st, can now be seen.
October 2013

Newsletter 35 SEE MORE

Editorial: Almost one year after Enrique Peña Nieto took office as president of Mexico and after the government and representatives of the principal political parties signed the Pact for Mexico, the country is at the important stage of making changes to its laws to accomplish the most important goals of the Pact.
December 2012

Newsletter 34 SEE MORE

EDITORIAL: A new six-year presidential term is about to begin in Mexico and there is an air of expectation. After 12 years, the voters have given the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) the opportunity to return to power.
March 2012

Newsletter 33 SEE MORE

EDITORIAL: Although we began the year 2012 with hopes for a better economic panorama, the world has remained immersed in a crisis of large proportions that has lasted longer than anyone expected. It seems that the same economic crisis that began in the United States is now being transferred to the European Union.
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