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Abogados: Diego Sierra, Pablo Fautsch
Archivo PDF: images/PDF_news/2016/20160624_CMR_Reg2Anti_EN.pdf
Noticia en Español: Congreso Mexicano Emite Regulación Secundaria Anticorrupción

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of June 2016, the Congress approved the complementary laws of the National Anticorruption System. The laws approved were sent to President Peña Nieto for his review. If President Peña Nieto does not have any observations, he will sign and publish the laws. Through this reform 3 new laws are created and 4 others are amended.

This reform implies a profound change in the Mexican public order. It establishes the coordination arrangements among all the levels of government in order to prevent, investigate and sanction corrupt acts; it establishes the obligation of private sector actors that contract with the government to present their assets declaration and conflict of interest declaration; it defines crimes related to acts of corruption and establishes a new Anticorruption Enforcement Agency which will be autonomous from the President of the Republic. This Anticorruption Enforcement Agency will investigate crimes related to acts of corruption.

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